Chef Profile

Chef Serge Pambo & Chef Jean Evens Estinfort

Chef Serge Pambo

In 1996, Serge moved to Paris after traveling for 14 years all around the world. With a baccalaureat diploma, he spent three years at the “Domaine de Gre” culinary school. Despite a late coming in this field, he worked at many of the greatest French restaurants such as Le Grand Bofinger, Les Grandes Manches and La Suite where he was trained by Cyril Lignac. After he arrived in Alabama, he started working with Franck Stitt’s.


Chef Jean Evens Estinfort

Chef Estinfort graduated from the Rene Auffrey culinary high school in Paris and also the “Encole de Paris des Metiers de la table du Tourisme et de L’hottelerie” culinary school, Evens gained 10 years of experience and know-how on the Paris place since 1994. He worked in many types of restaurants until 2002 when he decided to open his first place “Les Tontons” in the center of Paris. In 2006, he came in the U.S. with the only goal of opening an authentic French cuisine restaurant.