Chef Profiles

Chef Serge Pambo & Chef Jean Evens Estinfort
Meet the two wonderful chefs from Cafe de Paris.... [read more]

Chris Hastings - Hot and Hot Fish Club
... [read more]

Clif Holt - Little Savannah
Chef and Co-Owner Clif Holt brought a thick scrapbook of experiences before his leap into creating Little Savannah. Holt grew up in Cullman County, Alabama, a grower’s dreamland of fall sweet potatoes, watermelons and summer squash gardens. ... [read more]

Drew Robinson - Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q
A native of Alabama, Drew Robinson cultivated a love of traditional Southern food as a child but felt called to explore what was beyond his home region. Drew attended the New England Culinary Institute and after finishing there, moved to Northern California to work in restaurants, expanding his knowledge of technique and ingredient driven food. ... [read more]

Frank Stitt
Frank Stitt’s fondness for humble southern ingredients comes directly from his roots in rural Alabama. He grew up in Cullman, a leading agricultural county in north Alabama, where there was a great deal of pride in being a small family farmer. Stitt, from an early age, developed a spiritual connection to food, to the land, and to farming.... [read more]

Marco Morosini - Silvertron Cafe
Marco Morosini grew up in Bergamo, Italy.  Deciding early that the restaurant business was his true calling, Morosini began working in area restaurants when he was 17. After several years of gaining experience in a variety of Italian eateries, he decided he wanted to... [read more]