Carlile's BBQ

In Alabama, some people call Barbecue a religion. If this is the case, no family church of barbecue has been established longer than Carlile’s Barbecue. We opened in 1945, and 70 years later we are still serving up savory barbecue and desserts.

Herman and Warren Carlisle opened Carlile Brothers after serving our country in World War II. As for the misspelling of the last name, the founders blame it on the Armed Forces. When Herman Carlisle had entered the service, his last name was misspelled as Carlile while his brother, Warren’s last name was spelled correctly. The brothers decided to use the Carlile version as the name for their new restaurant.

Today the restaurant is owned by the Collat Family. Carlile’s has served barbecue to famous political, civic, business and sports leaders. However, our foundation rests with hosting families and people just like you.

History is great. However, serving your next meal is what commands most of our attention. In 2007, the Collat family purchased Carlile’s Barbecue to preserve its history as a Birmingham institution, but also to build a future that includes you and your family.

Customers can experience delicious food in what was once the founders home and gambling pub in Birmingham.

With all original recipes and under the leadership of General Manager John Nixon, the restaurant is serving award-winning barbecue. In 2015, Carlile’s Barbecue was inducted into the Alabama Barbecue Hall of Fame as one of Alabama’s most iconic barbecue restaurants.